Industry’s Victims In Bangladesh

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Industry’s Victims in Bangladesh International attention has been focused on workers’ safety in Bangladesh since the disaster at Rana Plaza, a garment factory complex which collapsed in April, killing 1,132 workers. As concern runs high about the safety of garment workers, Reuters photographer Andrew Biraj spent time photographing survivors of the Rana Plaza collapse and also documenting the lives of workers in other industries in Bangladesh, where conditions can be hazardous. -Reuters ( 21 photos total ) Jesmin, a 25-year-old survivor from the collapsed Rana Plaza Building, lies on a bed at the Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (CRP) in Savar, Bangladesh on June 4. Jesmin suffers from a spinal injury and is waiting for surgery.The April 24 collapse of the Rana Plaza complex, built on swampy ground outside Dhaka with several illegal floors, killed 1,132 workers and focused international attention on sometimes lax safety standards in Bangladesh’s booming garment industry.(Andrew Biraj/Reuters) 2 Workers sort clothes at a garment factory near the collapsed Rana Plaza building in Savar, Bangladesh on June 16. At least five different Bangladesh agencies have dispatched teams to start inspecting the country’s thousands of garment factories, but there has been little coordination between them.(Andrew Biraj/Reuters) # 3 A relative pours water on 25-year-old Rojina’s head at the Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (CRP) in Savar, Bangladesh June 4. Rescue workers, who pulled Rojina from the rubble of the collapsed Rana Plaza building, had to amputate part of her arm to rescue her. More than four million people, mostly women, work in Bangladesh’s clothing sector, which is the country�s largest employment generator, with annual exports worth $21 billion.(Andrew Biraj/Reuters) # 6 A man works in a stone crushing factory at Burimari in Lalmonirhat district, Bangladesh on July 9. The stone crushing industry in the Burimari land port area of Lalmonirhat, in the north of Bangladesh, produces lime powder for various industrial purposes. According to a report by the Bangladesh Institute of Labour Studies, those working in the industry run the risk of contracting silicosis, an incurable lung disease caused by inhalation of silica dust. (Andrew Biraj/Reuters) # 7 Momin Ali, 26, shows an x-ray film of his lungs inside his house at Burimari in Lalmonirhat district, Bangladesh July 9. Ali says he suffers from silicosis, an incurable lung disease caused by inhalation of silica dust, as he used to work in a stone crushing factory for two and half years.
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The Federal Government Is Screwing Things Up Just As One Major Economic Problem Was Going Away

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13, 2013, 7:31 AM 4,385 28 Email Share on Tumblr A common view we’ve heard on Fox News is that breaching the debt ceiling wouldn’t mean a default, because the US has more tax revenue coming in every day than it has to pay in interest payments. So as long as you prioritized interest payments first, you should be fine not defaulting on the debt. Fox News political analyst Brit Hume was making this point on Twitter, as well . There are three problems with this view.
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With spending holding in line with estimates, California ended the first quarter of its fiscal year on track with estimates contained in the 2013-14 Budget Act. September saw total revenues move past expectations by $427 million, or 5.3%. Personal income taxes, which are California’s dominant revenue source, lurched past monthly projections by 9.5%. … Retail sales tax receipts also beat budget estimates by close to double digits in September, as California consumers resumed shopping with the support of more jobs, higher home prices, and a rising stock market … California has completed the first leg of the fiscal year with a good pace. Both revenues and state spending have stayed close within their designated lanes, almost exactly matching estimates contained in the 2013-14 Budget Act. Revenue collections could be challenged in the coming months by any negative developments related to jobs, interest rates, stock prices, and home values.
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The Spanish Way


I’m thinking about so many different things. And then my head fills with the beautiful images and moments spent with the group that joined Angela and I to Ireland for our workshop . They were amazing. The Irish people we encounter along the way are amazing. I don’t want the moments we have to end and disappear. Once I am rested and settled back home, I will come back to show you what we did, saw, and ate.
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The light filtering through the pergolas is unforgettable. Visit of Bodega Tio Pepe Rice Pudding Recipe with Vanilla and Cinnamon We had made it. And I returned home feeling inspired. Ready for more of the experience.
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Is It Legal For Undocumented Immigrant To Practice Law?

When is an inpatient in the hospital not an inpatient in the hospital? When that patient is on observation status. Patients who are termed on observation can have trouble getting Medicaid to pay if they need to go to a nursing home. The practice has sparked lawsuits and legislation.

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Opponents argue that admitting Sergio Garcia to the bar would violate a federal law prohibiting entities funded with state money from granting undocumented immigrants professional licenses. The California Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the case on Wednesday.

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September 7th and 8th at Sunday Suppers

El Esparragal Hotel in Gerena, Andalusia I am only one day back from Spain. Tired and jet lagged. But oh so happy after the incredible past ten days I’ve spent with Marta and our group gathered at El Esparragal in Andalusia. As a few students exclaimed when our small bus pulled in front of the main house, the photos on their website are far from doing justice to the beauty and warmth of the place!
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Our theme will be the celebration of the end of summer with a picnic. Tickets cost US$850 each, and will be going on sale on Tuesday May 28th at 12 noon EST. They will be available at this link here . This two-day workshop includes: + A trip to the Farmer’s Market and a lesson on sourcing and choosing produce + An afternoon of Cooking, Styling + Photography with me + + Picnic Prep and Cooking Lesson + An intimate picnic in the park with me and the Sunday Suppers crew. Summer The workshop will take place in Karen’s gorgeous 1500-square foot daylight studio in Brooklyn.
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4 Common Display Ad Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them


It’s hard to recall the last ad for a feminine product that you might describe as “cute,” which is why this one for HelloFlo may win the prize for most adorable ever.
In the ad, a young girl becomes the “Camp Gyno” because she gets her period before the others and coaches them through it. Soon, however, the girls learn about HelloFlo, an online service that sends a care package of tampons by mail — meaning her status is threatened.
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It’s a nice way to solve the problem of marketing in a category in which ads are known for their maddening vagueness about what exactly is being sold. HelloFlo, which launched earlier this year as sort of the female response to the Dollar Shave Club , has come close to matching that brand’s loopy introductory video, though this one is more likely to prompt smiles than guffaws Read more…

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Customers: Target prospects to build trust, credibility and more awareness. Target customers to upsell them or educate them on new offerings and content. Industry or Vertical: You can’t be everything to everyone. Segment and target your ads by industry for the relevance factor.
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